Ilkley Cow and Calf rocks.
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Ilkley Cow and Calf rocks.
Ilkley Quarry is the site of the famous "Cow and Calf", a rock formation consisting of an outcrop and boulder, also known as Hangingstone Rocks. The rocks are made of millstone grit, a variety of sandstone, and are so named because one is large, with the smaller one sitting close to it, like a cow and calf.

The area around the Cow and Calf rocks commands some fine views over the town of Ilkley and lower Wharfedale.

According to local legend, the Calf was split from the Cow when the giant Rombald was fleeing an enemy, and stamped on the rock as he leapt across the valley. The enemy, it is rumored, was his angry wife. His wife then apparently dropped the stones held in her skirt to form the local rock formation: The Skirtful of Stones!

Ilkley Cow and Calf rocks. - Ilkley, Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, England. Review by Tony.

Ilkley, map of Ilkley Cow and Calf rocks.: